Monday, November 4, 2013

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter Review

Perlier on HSN

Perlier makes some truly lovely body products.  I was previously sent Perlier hand creams and shower gels before to review (see review here), and appreciate the variety of scents they release. This body butter is no exception on quality. It melts into the skin beautifully and is extremely hydrating without being slippery or greasy. It even kept my skin hydrated after showering! I will certainly be on the lookout for Perlier's other body butters!

The scent, however, is  divisive one. It just wasn't for me. I normally don't mind products with a bit of a honey scent, but this smells like rubbing honey on your skin. It also has a woodsy undertone that just doesn't work for me as a body butter.  While I am still going to use this for my nails and cuticles, it just isn't my cup of tea for the whole body. However, if you like food scents, you may enjoy this.

If you are interested in this product you can purchase it through HSN here. In addition, you can use the coupon code iFabbo5 to save $5.00 off your purchase. Will you be giving Perlier's Imperial Honey Body Butter a try?

Stay beautiful!

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review. 

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Monday, October 28, 2013

China Glaze Bump in the Night

Hello lovely readers. Today I have another polish I received from China Glaze's Monsters Ball collection. For a Halloween party this weekend, I wore their latest texture polish: Bump in the Night. While I have never really been a fan of textured polishes, I really enjoyed this polish. I am also not typically a fan of black polish so the fact that I liked this so much really speaks to the interesting finish.

Bump in the Night is a jet black texture polish without any glitter. Rather than having a matte finish, it has this really beautiful shine to it. On the nail it reminds me of tar, which is quite edgy. This applied very easily and dried quickly. It was opaque in one coat, but I used two just to make the texture really pop. It also held up quite well on the nail. Removal was a bit of a challenge, but that was to be expected. Since this is a black polish, it did leave some residual color on the nail. I was in a rush during application so I didn't use a base coat. I highly recommend using a base coat layer or two when applying this polish.

Overall, I really enjoy this and will be wearing it all fall, not just for Halloween. What do you think of the current textured polish trend?

Stay beautiful!

Disclosure: This product was sent for review. 
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Monday, October 21, 2013

HYD for Men Shaving Products


I recently got the chance to try try out, and get some guy opinions, on several lovely products from HYD for Men. The HYD for Men brand creates cruelty free grooming products that smell fantastic and work very well. With the help of some male opinions, we tried out their Shaving Cream, Razor Shield, and Buffer Stick. Let's see how they each fared.

All of the products had a lovely masculine slightly woodsy scent that wasn't over powering. In fact, I would even use these products! The Shaving Cream had less of a lather than other creams I am used to, but it really did help the razor glide well over my legs. The guy opinion: lower lather made application and use easier. It also helped prevent irritation, and the cream left the skin feeling soft and moisturized.

The Buffer Stick and Razor Shield are some more unique product offerings from HYD. The Buffer Stick provides an intense exfoliating experience to help prevent ingrown hairs. Think of it as a substitute for a facial scrub that is also moisturizing. The guy opinion: this seemed to really help reduce irritation from daily shaving. The Razor Shield creates a barrier to help the razor glide over skin better.  You apply it directly to the razor to help keep the razor sharp. The guy opinion: this also helped to produce a closer shave, especially on trickier areas like the jaw line that are prone to nicks and scrapes. It also prolonged the life of his razor.

Overall, this set would make a nice Christmas gift for the guy in your life. The packaging is sleek and a little bit of each product goes a long way during each use. I received these products through iFabbo for testing, but you can pick them up at the Hyd for Men shop online. You can also find HYD for Men on social media: @HYDforMen #hydformen

Stay beautiful!

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review. 

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

China Glaze Fang-Tastic - Halloween Glitter Galore!

Every year I eagerly await China Glazes' Halloween polish releases. This year was no exception, so I was thrilled to be able to try their new glitter: Fang-Tastic. Fang-Tastic is a mix of blue, green, purple, and pinkish-red glitter. It has a few different sizes and shapes of glitter for good measure and is absolutely stunning!

Here I am pairing it with Crimson from last year's Halloween collection release. I really love how the blackened plum gives the glitter a more grown-up feel. I used two coats of both Fang-Tastic and Crimson for these swatches. Fang-Tastic applies beautifully, doesn't get lumpy on the brush, and dries quickly. I absolutely love this polish and will definitely be wearing it year round!

Stay beautiful!

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Nails - Pixi Nail Color Deepest Dahlia

Pixi Deepest Dahlia

I'm back! The past few months have been overwhelmingly busy for me, but I have decided to make a more dedicated effort to my blog. I have genuinely missed blogging and am glad to be back at it. I've decide to go back to my roots as well, focusing on bringing you more nail polish and make-up oriented posts. Halloween is only a few weeks away which means that polish companies are releasing some beautifully rich shades. Today I have for you a new offering from Pixi Nail Color in Deepest Dahlia.

I've tried other Pixi polishes before and was impressed with their quality. Deepest Dahlia, like the other Pixi polishes I tried, is very very pigmented. It is a deep darkened plus with true purple undertones. This is one of those purples that is so dark it almost looks black. While I don't wear these colors often, I certainly think they are beautiful. Deepest Dahlia is lovely in both its color tone and finish. Once it dries, it keeps an incredible glossy finish without a top coat.

I find that the brush on Pixi's polishes picks up a good deal of product so be sure to really get rid of the excess polish before you apply. The first time I applied this polish, I had too much product on the brush, which led to some cuticle pooling. I recommend applying thinner coats and being patient in between each coat. I found this one had a bit of a hard time drying and was susceptible to nicks.

Pixi Deepest Dahlia

Deepest Dahlia really got me in the mood for fall. While I have several other polishes in my collection in a similar feel, none were quite this deep of a true purple. What do you think of Deepest Dahlia? Are you a fan of blackened deep polishes? If you are on the hunt for this one, you can find Pixi Nail Color at Target stores.

Stay beautiful!

Disclosure: This polish was sent for review. 

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Perlier Volcanic Thermo Scrub

Long time no post, I realize. BUT I am back with a great product to share with you lovely readers: Perlier's Volcanic Thermo Scrub. Perlier makes some great body products. I previously reviewed several of their hand creams and shower gels, and I have purchased other products from their line for both my own use and as gifts. It came as no surprise then when I instantly fell in love with their new Volcanic Thermo Scrub.

Overall, I tend to have a love-hate relationship with the entire body scrub category. I always love how they feel, but hate how they rinse off. The main things I am looking for are a nice exfoliant, a clean rinse, and a pleasant scent. Perlier's Volcanic Thermo Scrub has all of these. The scrub isn't too liquidy or thick. It applies easily and exfoliates flawlessly. It rinses clean while still leaving skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated. Finally, the scent is heavenly. I would put it in the "clean" scent category and it smells like what I would expect a spa to smell like. On an additional note, I love the packaging of this product! I would definitely purchase this myself, and it would make a great gift for a friend. Have you tried any Perlier products? What are your feelings on body scrubs?Share your opinions in the comments below!

Stay beautiful!

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review. 
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