Monday, September 12, 2011

Zoya Smoke and Mirrors Review

Dear readers,
I have been waiting for a week to swatch these for you! I was so excited when I found this collection at my local ULTA that I let out an audible shriek of joy. Yes, that is how gun-ho I was about this collection. After much thought, I picked up one Smoke polish - Cynthia -and two Mirror polishes - Yara and Jem. I am so glad I picked them up when I did because Cynthia and Jem are both now sold out at my local store. So, what did I think of these polishes? Did they live up to my expectation? Read on to find out!

Cynthia, Yara, and Jem

Cynthia - I have been thinking about this polish for months. I was so terribly excited to find it and I was not disappointed. Cynthia is a gorgeous smokey teal color - it really fits the Smoke bill. This is what I thought Sephora by OPI's My Personal Serphent would look like (which was a fail). Cynthia does not look black on the nail. You can definitely tell it is teal. In some lighting it has more blue undertones and in others it looks more green. It also has an incredibly subtle shimmer that only shows under certain lighting or under flash photography.  I highly recommend you use a basecoat with this polish. It will stain your nails if you do not. In short, I adore this polish! You need to pick up a bottle!

Yara - Yara has a light olive green base with gold glass fleck. This color is so unique. I must admit that I didn't really care for it on the in-store nail swatch, but when I put it on my nail, it really came to live. The olive undertone isn't grey at all, which prevents the color from looking drab. The glass fleck really highlights the warm undertones of the olive base and brightens up the skintone when on the nail. This color is a really unique twist on the olive and khaki colors that are so popular for fall this year. Well done Zoya!
 Jem - This color is so much fun! It is also a serious stunner! Jem has a reddish purple base with gorgeous gold glass fleck. What makes this color really stand out is the fact that it is almost a duo-chrome. It changes from purple to gold - though this is more pronounced in the bottle than on the nail. This characteristic really brings an incredible depth to the nail. Again, Zoya has produced another winner!

This is another color you will want to use a basecoat with or risk staining your nails. I realized that this may be similar to OPI Teasy Does It from the Burlesque holiday collection. In the bottle they look somewhat similar, but on the nail they are certainly not dupes. Teasy Does It has a much darker red-toned base, copper colored flakes, and less depth to it. Jem is much more purple and brighter.
Index and Ring finger - Jem; Middle and Pinky - Teasy Does It.
The Verdict - If you couldn't tell already, I love these polishes! They are all so lovely and different from other polishes in my collection. Cynthia and Jem both need base coats to prevent staining and you may find they stain your cuticles. Also, I got some bubbling on Cynthia, but that could have been due to the fact that I was in a hurry to swatch these as I was so excited to get them! Finally, these colors are incredibly pigmented. They were all opaque in one coat - yes ONE coat!

Did you pick up any polishes from this collection? Of the fall nail collections on the market, Zoya Smoke and Mirrors is the most unique in my opinion.

Stay beautiful!
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