Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Everyday Favorites: bareMinerals Eye Shadows

Recently, I had a conversation with one of my friends about our favorite eye shadows. Some of my absolute favorites come from the bareMinerals loose eye shadow collection. Now, you might be saying "Hey this is a total cop-out! An entire line of eye products can't be an everyday favorite." Well, they are! If I could, I would own every single one of the bareMinerals loose eye shadows. And here is why:


1. They are just so pretty! If you have never been to a bareMinerals store, you really need to go. They layout all their loose eye shadows in an array so they create a makeup rainbow. It is really visually stunning to see.

2. They are incredibly pigmented. These shadows really pack a punch. Even their more neutral colors, like my personal favorite Queen Phyllis, have an incredible amount of color saturation.

3. They last forever! Because they are so pigmented, these shadows seem to last forever. They also don't have any creams or preservatives in them so they don't go bad.

4. They have a ton of variety. Besides coming in an absurd amount of colors, these shadows also have a variety of finishes. Their products range from true mattes to gorgeous shimmers to fun glitter infused shadows.

Now you are probably wondering if these are messy to apply. The answer is yes, at first. The secret is to apply a little on your brush and then swirl in the lid. Also, it helps if you don't shake up the pot before opening the lid. Tapping the lid helps as well, sort of how you would tap the lid of a can of soda before opening it.

So there you have it. This week's everyday favorite product is an entire line of eye shadows. Which colors are your favorite? I plan on showcasing my persona favorites in some upcoming posts and tutorials.

Stay beautiful!
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