Monday, June 4, 2012

More Summer Makeup and Beauty Tips

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you my favorite summer makeup and beauty tips. That post received such a wonderful response from you readers, and I received several requests that I share a few more. Here are even more summer makeup and beauty tips from yours truly.

1. Rock a Hat!

I adore cute cloche hats for winter, but in summer I rely on large brimmed sun hats. They are great for multiple occasions - laying by the pool, walking the dog, gardening. They instantly pull and outfit together and are making a come back this season. You can even find some that are SPF protecting. Why wear a hat? For one, it helps block the sun's rays from your face. This not only helps prevent burning, including on your scalp, but also keeps you feeling cool. Recently color your hair? A hat can help maintain your color from the sun. Feeling sweaty and haven't gotten to wash your hair? That sun hat will hide your dirty tresses. 

2. Try Facial Cleansing Wipes


This tip is especially helpful if you took my advice and decided to forgo foundation. Many companies have cleansing facial wipes that require absolutely no water to do their job. They even come in travel sizes! These are wonderful for days when you have to walk from your parking lot to work, are out at a ball game and just feel the need to freshen up, or are transitioning from laying out by the pool to going to dinner. If you do decide to wear eye makeup, these can be used around the eyes to clean up raccoon eyes and allow you to "wash" your face without ruining your eye makeup. 

3. Try Deodorant in "New Ways"
If you are like most women (and like me), your thighs touch. Often during the summer months when skin gets sweaty, this can lead to chaffing and rubbing, which becomes incredibly uncomfortable. Use a little deodorant on your inner thighs to help prevent rubbing and chaffing. Find your bra gets a little moist from walking around all day? Put some deodorant along where the under wire sits.  Antiperspirants will help reduce sweating in this area (or on any area you place it), but even basic deodorants will help produce a barrier to prevent your bra from becoming uncomfortable throughout the day.

4. Pin Up Your Hair


Long hair is certainly lovely and continues to be the go to look for many women, but even those of us with shoulder length hair can find our necks covered, over heated, and sweaty. The solution? Pin up your hair. I get bored with drab ponytails and have absolutely no talent for intricate hair styles. When I get tired of a basic pony, I try a high bun or pull up pieces in creative ways. Braids are stylish and easy to do, even those of us with shorter hair can rock a small side braid. Head scarves are making a come back and have the added bonus of protecting your hair. Find your bangs get sweaty and lead to forehead breakouts? Try pinning them back in innovative ways. If you have been thinking about getting short hair, now would be the season to take the plunge! 

5. Stay Confident!


This is my top beauty tip! Confidence is key - if you think you are beautiful and feel beautiful, it will show and you will shine. That can be tough though when we are sweaty, burned, and feel generally gross during the hot and humid summer months. Even more so, turn to any woman's magazine and you will be inundated with ways to get your body in perfect bikini shape. News flash: You don't need to do that any of that crap to be beautiful. Granted, if you want to lose weight and get "in shape," then good for you. Go for it! But don't buy into the idea that you can't go to the beach because you don't look like a Victoria Secret model. Don't be afraid to go to the pool and rock that cute one piece you bought. In fact, you will probably see lots of other imperfectly beautiful women enjoying their lives without the "perfect" body. This can be hard, I know. Remember that beauty comes in every shape and size. Remain confident in who you are even as the thermometer rises and the clothes get more revealing! 

Stay beautiful!
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